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What is thermal wind???

What is thermal wind???

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For all the people who think that Cabarete`s wind is a thermal wind, here is some clarification. Thermal wind is not actually a wind, but a wind difference between two pressure levels. Cabarete`s summer wind is a sea breeze… (see What are sea breezes and why do they occur? Sea breezes occur during hot days because of the unequal heating rates of land and water. During the day, the land surface heats up faster than the water surface. Therefore, the air above the land is warmer than the air above the ocean. Warmer air is lighter than cooler air. As a result, warm air rises. Therefore, the warmer air over the land surface is rising. As the warm air over the land is rising, the cooler air over the ocean is flowing over the land surface to replace the rising warm air. This is the sea breeze and can be seen at the top of the following image. The bottom of the following image illustrates the land breeze that occurs at night. Recall that the land surface cools quicker than the water surface at night. Therefore, the warmer air over the ocean is buoyant and is rising. The denser cool air over the land is flowing offshore to replenish the buoyant warm air and is called a land breeze. Another explanation: Differential heating is the motive force behind land breezes and sea breezes (or, in the case of larger lakes, lake breezes), also known as on- or off-shore winds. Land is a rapid absorber/radiator of heat, whereas water absorbs heat more slowly but also releases it over a greater period of time. The result is that, in locations where sea and land meet, heat absorbed over the day will be radiated more quickly by the land at night, cooling the air. Over the sea, heat is still being released into the air at night, which rises. This convective motion draws the cool land air in to replace the rising air, resulting in a land breeze in the late night and early morning. During the day, the roles are reversed. Warm air over the land rises, pulling cool air in from the sea to replace it, giving a sea breeze during the afternoon and evening.

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