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Learn to kiteboard while on vacation in the number one kitesurfing destination in the Caribbean. Right on Kite Beach in Cabarete, the Kite Lounge has the highest rated accommodation and active lifestyle and eco-hotel options for the more conscious traveller
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Transition times from other sports

The kites on kite beach Cabaerte

Transition times from other sports

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Learning to Kite is easy and fun. Many of our students come from other sports, looking for the one that unites them all. Depending on your background, here is what to expect:


Ahh, no more dolly required to carry my gear around!You already know about the wind and riding a board. Once you sort out that you have to trim and not pump the kite, you`ll be loving your new found freedom.


You mean I don`t have to paddle all day? I can jump out of the way instead of being beaten like a rag doll? 20 waves in 30 minutes?Riding a board is no problem. Now just figure out the kite, and you`ll never curse the wind again.


Free gas. HUGE air. Soft (or softer) landings. Freedom!You can use your same board. A little focus on the wind and how the kite pulls and you`ll be jumping the cable park, not riding it.


No more snow.Speed doesn’t phase you, and the board will be a piece of cake. Once you sort out wind and kites, you`ll be kiting up the hill instead of waiting in line.


Is that a spinniker up there? Kind of. Except its not pulling a 40 ton boat, its only pulling you. And you thought catamarans were fast.Wind and sail trim are second nature to you. Flying a kite will be farily easy. Now just figure out how to stand on the daggerboard and you`ll be in showing the yacht club what speed really is.

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