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Learn to kiteboard while on vacation in the number one kitesurfing destination in the Caribbean. Right on Kite Beach in Cabarete, the Kite Lounge has the highest rated accommodation and active lifestyle and eco-hotel options for the more conscious traveller
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Kitesurfing Lessons

What this all means:
You will have a great time learning to kiteboard in a fun safe environment.  We use premium Starkites, considered the easiest kite to learn on. These kites are forgiving and stable – perfect for learning.  Using this formula we have a tremendous success at creating kitesurfers.
What makes us different:
By combining our kitesurfing lessons with supervision hours, there is no pressure on the kiteboard instructor to pass the student through the levels. You learn at your own pace, and there is nothing you miss. Our instructors have been with us for years, and are certified, experienced and safe.
What you get:
One on one kitesurfing instruction from an experienced IKO certified kiteboard instructor, in a beach front tropical paradise.

Beginner Lessons – $550 with 7 hours of supervision

All our kiteboarding lessons include an extra session (1 hour) of kiteboarding with an assistant instructor to help you practice your skills. More hours = you learn more! Book a Kitesurfing lesson and room package packages including 7 hours one-on-one with an IKO certified Instructor. Then we include UNLIMITED SUPERVISION with an assistant Instructor. Go home a kitesurfer!

Go home a kitesurfer! Combine all 3 steps with unlimited supervision AND ACCOMMODATION for a week at eXtreme for $849 ! GREAT DEAL

Checkout our kitesurfing and accommodation packages!

We divide learning to kiteboard into 3 steps:

Step 1 – $175

Kiteboarding fundamentals (2h), rigging, flying, safety and the power zone
This is your official introduction to kiteboarding. You start the day with a training kite and learn all about the wind window. When you are ready you move up to a 4 line kite and jump into the water.  Your instructor will explain safety, launching and landing, rigging and all the component of a kitesurfing kite.  They will also teach you about hand signals, right of way and how to use the quick release functions.  After this day you will be able to practice with a training kite on your own.

Step 2 – $175

Just add water (2h): Water re-launching, body dragging, and self rescue IKO level 1
After a quick review of your first kiteboarding step, its into the water with your kite. You begin by body dragging down wind (kiteboarding without a board), and finish being able to go upwind (come back to where you started from). In-between you learn to fly the kite one handed, re-launch the kite from the water, and bring yourself back to land safely (self rescue).  With a little bit of practice you will be certified IKO level 1, and on your way to being a kitesurfer.

Step 3 – $225

Ride the lightning (3h): Water starts on the board IKO level 2
By now you’re setting up the  kitesurfing equipment on your own and you’re keen to get kiteboarding. Your kite instructor walks you through the water start, and you’re off. Words can’t describe the euphoria when you take your first ride. Your next kiteboarding skill is how to recover your kiteboard and try again. By the end of the day, you have the knowledge required to practice kitesurfing on your own.

Advanced Kiteboarding Lessons

Take your kiteboarding to the next level. Push your boundaries and increase your skill level with excellent one on one instruction. Our experienced instructors will start at the level you are at and go from there. Anything! Advanced Kiteboarding Lessons start at $65/hour.

Option A

End the Walk of Shame

This lesson focuses on upwind riding and gybing. You will learn proper kiteboard edging, kite position and everything else required to keep you riding up wind.

Option B

I Wanna Get High!

Jumping. Sending the kite and landing properly, softly or with speed. This kitesurfing lesson will teach you how to send the kite and how to rip off the top of a wave so that you can get some BIG AIR.

Option 3

Hawaii 5-0

Learn to rip the waves like a kitesurfing champion. Learn to gybe a unidirectional kiteboard. Learn to pick the right wave to kitesurf. Learn how to keep the kite going while you surf waves bigger than you thought you could.


– be here when it gets big!