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Learn to kiteboard while on vacation in the number one kitesurfing destination in the Caribbean. Right on Kite Beach in Cabarete, the Kite Lounge has the highest rated accommodation and active lifestyle and eco-hotel options for the more conscious traveller
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Kitesurfing Instructors

The Team at Kite Lounge is always full of fun and assistance. It doesn’t matter if the wind takes a break. They’ll still hang out doing fun and crazy things to fill the days in the Caribbean paradise.
When the wind kicks in, the beach is busy with lessons on how to manage this incredible sport. If you already know how to stay on the board with the kite in the air, these guys can easily teach tricks or waveriding on an advanced level as well.

Richard Diaz

Richard is the head kitesurfing instructor and manager of the school.  He has been kiteboarding and teaching since kitesurfing hit Cabarete, as he was in charge of the first kitesurfing school in Cabarete. After working there for 8 years, Richard decided to strike out on his own, founding one of the biggest Dominican kiteboarding schools. In short, he is one of the kitesurfing originals, and has been doing it as long as the sport as been around.  He brings years of teaching experience to ensure everyone has a fun safe time. You will be hard pressed to find a more experienced kitesurfing instructor in Cabarete, and that is saying a lot! When note teaching kitesurfing, Richard is enjoying family time relaxing with the family.  We are pleased to have Richard as part of our team.


Papo has been with us since the beginning. Famous for being one of the original big air kings, he is another Cabarete Original, and has been kitesurfing for over 10 years. Always a smile on his face, Papo is a repair technician and can be found assisting on the beach or taking care of kite and board repairs. When looking for Papo kiteboarding, be sure you look up high!


Raul has been teaching kiteboarding for 4 years after competing in the PKRA. He is a very successful kiter himself. Fluent in English, Spanish and French, he is a pleasure to be around. When not teaching kiteboarding, Raul can be seen entertaining the crowds with his ‘Big Air’ tricks. Raul is fluent in English, French and Spanish.

feet of air!