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Learn to kiteboard while on vacation in the number one kitesurfing destination in the Caribbean. Right on Kite Beach in Cabarete, the Kite Lounge has the highest rated accommodation and active lifestyle and eco-hotel options for the more conscious traveller
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Cabarete Restaurants

Cabarete offers a wide variety of international cuisine, prepared in a variety of setting. There is something for every budget and taste. If your looking for great ambiance and a cosmopolitan vibe, hit up a restaurant right on Cabarete Beach. Stick your toes in the sand and watch the Cabarete nightlife unfold.
If you’re looking to stick to your budget, try one of our local favorites off the beach in the Callejon or along the main road. They are generally a couple hundred pesos cheaper than the joints on the beach, and offer great food and a good local vibe. Check out our recommendations below:

Locos en Frente (AKA: The Swiss)

Run by a Swiss mother and her son, this is a staple for many who live here. Possibly the best steak in town, the pork chop, chicken, cheeseburger and fish are all not to be missed. You can eat easily for $350 RD including drinks. It’s right at the entrance to Callejon, on the east side beside Bliss.

Gorditos Tex-Mex

A Cabarete favorite.  Cheap, easy and fast. Family run and very friendly, it is a great place for healthy, Text- Mex-fusion style food.

La Parilla de Louis (AKA: The Chicken Shack)

Another cheap option, BBQ chicken with yucca and a home made marinade that is fantastic. You can get a 1/4 chicken meal for $180 RD or a whole chicken for $360. Right on the main road across from Ocean Dream.

The German Bayherserhoff:

Not exactly healthy, but sure takes good. Specialties include authentic German sausage, schnitzel and potato pancakes. A little hidden, on a poorly lit street just west of the entrance of Cayhon, across from Ocean Dream. $500 RD/person


A fantastic option for breakfast and lunch! The weekly specials are amazing. Try the chocolate Zuccini cake! Eat for around $400 RD/person.

Yamazoto Sushi

Authentic sushi prepared by a Japanese chef. What else can we say? $1000 RD/person


The food is OK, the vibe is great. This is the ‘cool place’ that everyone hangs out for a drink on the beach. The pizzas are good, and the “La Bandera Chicken” is a great deal. Ask for the specials on drinks. $500RD/ person


Right next to the Locos en Frente, at the entrance to Callejon is this little gem. French inspired and very well presented, you’ll think you’re in the south of France sipping wine beside their pool. The whole menu is great. $1000 RD/person.

Otra Cosa

Right on the beach in a secluded spot at the east end of Cabarete bay, across the street from Valero is this romantic hidden gem. Possibly the cleanest kitchen in the DR, the french dishes and wine selections are absolutely amazing. From $1200 RD/person, but totally worth it.

Mojito Bar

This restaurant is owned by an Italian couple and is run very well. Expect great service, a fast, simple, healthy menu, and fantastic drink options. Enjoy in two locations, one on Kite Beach at eXtreme Hotel, and on in Cabarete right on the beach in the middle of all the action. Breakfasts for 200RD include a coffee and fresh juice and sandwiches for 150RD include a juice.

Blue Moon Retreat

A great meal and a fun time. Eat with your hands, Carribbean-Indian Fusion, all you can eat and fantastic views. Definatly worth the ride. Must book in advance, groups of 8 or more. On the road to Mocca, just pas Los Brasos. Book your group with the eXtreme Hotel staff for $35/pp including transportation.

Vaca Bar

Located on a Kite Beach, this place serves up breakfast and lunch with style. Enjoy a drink and a snack in the evening and watch the kiters fly from a great vantage point in front of Agualina Hotel. You can eat for around 350RD


in Cabarete

Sandwich with local organic ingredients