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Learn to kiteboard while on vacation in the number one kitesurfing destination in the Caribbean. Right on Kite Beach in Cabarete, the Kite Lounge has the highest rated accommodation and active lifestyle and eco-hotel options for the more conscious traveller
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Cabarete is an eco-tourism and kiteboarding  paradise

The Best Conditions

Year round wind, warm waters and the ideal conditions to learn to kiteboard

The Best Locations

A variety of conditions to satisfy any kiteboarder. Flat river mouths, epic downwinders, and the reef on Kite Beach that provides a great surf break for kite surfers.


Endless eco-tourism adventures in the national park behind Cabarete. From canyoning, to caving, to mountain biking, standup paddle boarding, snorkeling, and agro-tourism. The North Coast has it all!


Epic nightlife in a small cosmopolitan surf town means that you'll never get bored of life here. Kitesurf all day and party all night.

What Makes Cabarete Amazing

Cabarete is a cosmopolitan surf town on the north coast of the Dominican Republic.  It has grown from it’s humble fishing village beginnings to an action sports mecca for water sports and adventure lovers from all over the world.

The primary reason that people come to Cabarete for our learn to kiteboard packages is obviously the year round wind, the warm waters and the ideal conditions to learn to kiteboard.  This is where kitebaording began and continues to evolve.

With over 250 kiteable days a year, Cabarete one of the best places in the world for all levels to kiteboard.  The endless surf break provides non stop kitesurfing action for those looking for waves.  The reef and river mouth provide spots with  smooth flat water to kiteboard and learn new tricks.  The enormous number of people that come to Cabarete for the kitesurfing makes it the kiteboarding capital of the Caribbean

Learning to Kitesurf
Great Surfbreak
Eco and Adventure Tourism
Cabarete kitesurfing

Come and enjoy living the dream!

People come to Cabarete for a variety of reason.  The surf and kiteboarding are right out front.  The national park with endless trails, hiking, mountain biking and eco tourism is right out back.  Caves to explore, base jump or dive are abound.  Beaches to tan, explore, surf and kiteboard are endless.  Rivers to tube, kayak, fish and enjoy are everywhere.    It’s a place that has it all for the sport and adventure tourist.

For families, it’s also amazing.  With so many activities, everyone is surf to have a great time.

The nightlife and dining is legendary, often hailed as the best in the Caribbean. Candle lid dinners by the palm trees, or booming beach dance clubs, it’s all going on. It’s due largely to the cosmopolitan nature of the people that move here. During a typical night on the town you’ll hear a variety of languages, eat a smell variety of flavors, and see a variety of styles. It’s all part of Cabarete’s charm.

Quite simply, there no other place like it on earth.

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